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Bogotá is the capital and the largest city in Colombia. Point of convergence of people from all over the country, it is diverse and multicultural and it combines modern constructions with others that evoke its colonial past. Bogotá is green thanks to its parks and the eastern hills that dominate the sanctuaries of Monserrate and Guadalupe, but it also has the brick color of numerous buildings also called colonial treasures. We have allies in Bogota that can accompany you and maximize the time when you are knowing the benefits of this wonderful city in South America.

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Gastronomy is one of the elements incorporated in a new concept of cultural heritage and cultural tourism, driven by growing trends of a well-being lifestyle, authenticity, environmental protection and the need to have a high-quality experience. Tourists increasingly want foods which emphasise the heritage and culture of a place, which assist the preservation of traditional forms of agriculture and cultural heritage.

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