Volunteer Information

EMCN is committed to a nation where newcomers achieve full participation in the community, contributing their experiences and skills to strengthen and enrich Canadian society.

Over 200 volunteers contribute over 8000 volunteer hour a year to help Edmonton`s newcomers integrate and adapt to life in Canada


Thank you for considering volunteering in one of the EMCN`s many programs that serve newcomers to Canada.

We depend on volunteers to help us welcome newcomers, and help give them some of the tools they need to lead fulfilling lives in Edmonton. 

We hope your experience volunteering with EMCN stadd and clients will be warm one. You should feel the satisfaction of knowing that you have contributed a bit to helping newcomers settle in our Edmonton Community.

What We Can Offer You

At EMCN, we strive to be a friendly welcoming place for volunteers, clients and staff. We provide volunteers with support as they try out their skills as teachers, mentors, or office assistants. The support can be in the form of ideas, feedback, and many thank-yous!

Our goal is to find assignments that fit your needs as well as ours. Should the assigment be a poor fit between you and EMCN, we will look together at finding a more suitable position. 

We look forward to getting to know you as together we bring services friendship to newcomers to Canada. 

What We Expect of You

We expect you to:

-Make a minimum three-month commitment

-Be willing to take direction

-Treat all clients with equal respect

-Be sensitive to clients` traditions and beliefs

-Be puntual and keep your commitments

-Keep track of your hours

-Call, with as much advanced warning as possible, if you cannot meet your commitment

-Park in designated parking spots

-Attend workshops


Forms you need to complete before you begin volunteering

Applying for a volunteer position has become more involved during the past decade. 

EMCN has a series of forms that must be completed before volunteering can begin.

-We ask you do fill out an application form, on the day of the interview with the volunteer developer. We expect you to provede the names and phone numbers of two references. 

-We also expect volunteers to be knowledgeable about, and in harmony with, EMCN`s Confidentiality Policy and Code of Ethics. You will be asked to indicate your agreement to abide by these policies by signing a copy of them. 

-All staff and volunteers need a completed security clearance ckeck done by the Edmonton Police Department or RCMP.

If you are volunteering to work with children, you will need a Child Welfare Information System check completed by Children`s Services in addition to the above forms.

During the wait to have the forms completed and returned to EMCN, you may be offered the opportunity to observe the program or class in which you may be volunteering.

Positions for Volunteers

-Drop-In Conversation Facilitator

-Esl Classroom Assistant

-ESL Instructor

-Assistant in the ESL Seniors` Program

-Computer Instructor

-Securing Hopeful Futures Mentor

-Job Search Buddy

-Office Assistant


For more information

About becoming a volunteer please call the Volunteer Services Officer at