Finding Shelter

A guide To Emergency Shelters & Housing Registries

This information was adapted from the City of Edmonton’s Community Services and Guidelines & Homeward Trust’s Winter Emergency Resource Guide. Updated NOV 201 2 BY MNA. For further information and referrals, call 211. For more resource guides, visit the Inner City Bulletin Board (2nd Floor, Stanley Milner Library)

Emergency Housing/ Eviction Information

If you need emergency housing, you may want to contact:

-Employment Immigration @ Industry Crisis Unit at 780-644-5135 or Child Welfare Crisis Line at 780-427-3390

-If you believe you have been unfairly evicted, you may want to contact the following organizations:

a) Edmonton Community Legal Centre (unless rent has not been paid) 780-702-1725

b) Landlord Tenant Advisory Board 780-496-5959


Housing Registries

Please note that all income subsidized permanent/ transitional housing agencies in Edmonton currently have long wait lists. Finding a private landlord and applying for an Alberta Rent Supplement can sometime be a faster way to get housing.

For Single Adults

a) Boyle Street Community Services 10116 105 Avenue, 780-424-4104

b) Capital Region Housing Corporation 780-420-6161

c)  Homed 780-474-5706 or 780-412-4291

d) Jasper Place Health & Wellness Centre 15210 Stony Plain Road 780-481-4001


Hope Mission Women’s Centre (Edwarson Place) 780-453-3412 serves women with children (boys up to age 12, girls up to age 17) must have assessment interview before acceptance; must have 30 days of sobriety.

Men Only

Herb Jamieson, 10014 105A Avenue- 780-429-3470. Men, only, must be sober. Must register for the service (open at 5:00 p.m for registration). Last intake at 2:00 p.m, leave by 8:00 a.m. 

Women Only

Hope Mission Women’s Emergency Centre 9908 106 Avenue – 780-422-2018. Space for up to 70 women. Intake starts at 8:30 p.m and close at 12:00 p.m.